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 Intuitive Evidential Medium

Intuitive Children Expert


Inspired Author

"Deb is an incredibly talented and gifted medium. She was able to connect with my mother who passed from cancer over a decade ago and she brought forward clear and heartfelt messages from the other side. I can't recommend Deb enough!"

Deb is a trauma-informed intuitive medium, expert in parenting intuitive children, intuitive arts educator, mentor, and best selling author. Alongside her work in the intuitive realm, Deb brings over 14 years of experience working in special education and with at-risk youth and parents in the educational system. Her deep understanding of trauma lends her a sensitive and unique perspective, enriching her approach to healing and mentorship.


Deb has served as a conduit for Spirit's messages, both locally in upstate New York and on national and global stages. Her compassionate heart, humor, and healing touch define her essence. It's not uncommon to witness Deb bursting into laughter as she channels humorous messages and memories from your loved ones in spirit, bridging the gap between worlds with joy and levity.


Despite juggling multiple roles, Deb's overarching objective remains consistent: to forge connections that resonate deeply with everyone's highest good. Whether facilitating intuitive guidance, mediumship, healing, mentoring, or intuitive education, she upholds herself to the highest standard. Deb's education by esteemed mediums from around the globe ensures that she continuously strives to deliver excellence in all aspects of her work.

Deb's inaugural book endeavor, where she serves as a contributing author, is titled 'The Grief Experience: Tools for Acceptance, Resilience, and Connection,' now proudly available for purchase on Amazon. Renowned as a bestseller, it offers invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of grief.

Each day, Deb expresses profound gratitude for the opportunity to serve others, aiding them in their journey of connection, healing, learning, and discovery in a profoundly magical way.

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