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Evidential Medium

Trauma-Informed Intuitive

Psychic Investigator

Spiritual Teacher

Inspired Author

"Deb is an incredibly talented and gifted medium. She was able to connect with my mother who passed from cancer over a decade ago and she brought forward clear and heartfelt messages from the other side. I can't recommend Deb enough!"

Deb is a trauma-informed intuitive evidential medium, healer, meditation facilitator, intuitive arts educator, and psychic investigator.  In addition to her work in the intuitive world, Deb formerly worked with at risk youth and parents in the educational system for over 14 years.  Her experience working with those who have been touched by trauma gives her both a sensitive and unique perspective.  


Spirit has utilized Deb as a conduit locally in upstate New York, nationally and around the globe.  Her compassionate heart, humor and healing are her hallmarks.  You may find her literally laughing out loud when your loved ones in spirit provide humorous messages and memories from beyond the veil.  


Although she wears many hats, the goal is always the same, to connect in a way that is meaningful for everyone's greatest and highest good.  Whether it be intuitive guidance, mediumship, healing, mentoring, intuitive education, or investigation she holds herself to a gold standard and has been educated by some of the most quintessential mediums around the world.


Deb's first book project as a contributing author 'The Grief Experience: Tools for Acceptance, Resilience, and Connection' will be released in early 2024.  She is very excited about sharing that with all of you!


Deb offers gratitude daily for being able to serve by helping others connect, heal, learn and discover in an incredibly magical way!

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